About HRMC

HR Millennium Consultancy Private Limited (MOM EA Licence No.: 00C4240) is a licensed one-stop recruitment agency based in Singapore to cater to companies seeking manpower solutions as well as to aid and assist individuals seeking employment opportunities. At HR Millennium Consultancy, our manpower solutions range from consultation to business management solutions that can be specially tailored to suit various needs and requirements. As a result, the internal and external processes and networks within HR Millennium Consultancy are designed specifically to attain the best results possible. We have incorporated strong internal processes capable of supporting our endeavors on top of a wide network of business partners located globally to ensure that your objectives are efficiently and effectively met.

Our experience coupled with the resources at our disposal allows us to conduct successful large-scale as well as specific overseas and local recruitment exercises for SME’s and MNC’s. We have successfully recruited professionals from China, Philippines, India, Korea, Myanmar, Malaysia and Singapore into Australia, Singapore, United Kingdom and the United States of America.